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Killer Moves is a true crime podcast that takes on a new case in each episode with humor, heart and sass. Your host, Julie Dunson, takes you on journeys of intrigue that involve tragedy, mystery, a search for answers and, always, a hunger for justice. Killer Moves explores recent cases, but also shines a light on older, less notorious cases, all with genuine compassion for the victims. We promise entertaining, if somewhat quirky and irreverent, narrative detail and operate under the assumption that, in unsolved cases, one of our listeners may have the information that could bring closure to grieving families if only we can reach the right person. Join host Julie Dunson in discussions exploring details, theories, and ongoing developments. #letsgetintoit #yallstaysafeoutthere read less
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S1E5 The Hello Kitty Murder
Feb 26 2023
S1E5 The Hello Kitty Murder
S1E5 - The Hello Kitty Murder - This episode focuses on the torture and the subsequent murder of Fan Man Yee. This case took place in Hong Kong. This was kind of a creepy thing I read that the designer of Hello Kitty had to say.  Kind of haunting. Hello Kitty was conceived without a smile. The designer did not think it was necessary because the doll appears happy to some and sad to others. The designer stated, upon the inception of Hello Kitty, "we think she shouldn't be tied to an emotion".  And that is why she doesn't have a mouth. Have y'all ever noticed that Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth? It's pretty weird... The Hello Kitty murder took place in Hong Kong in the spring of 1999. Fan Man Yee was a brotyhel hostess. She was kidnapped and tortured after stealing a wallet.  She picked the wrong man, the wrongest man, to steal a wallet from. She stole a wallet from one of her frequent customers at the brothel - he was a member of The Triad, the Chinese Mafia. Between April 14th and April 15th, 1999, she'd been held captive for about a month, continuously raped and tortured. Her body was decapitated, and her skull was placed inside of a Hello Kitty mermaid plush doll...References:Serena, Katie (30 April 2018). "The Story Of Hong Kong's Notorious "Hello Kitty Murder"". All That's Interesting. "Hello Kitty Murders". 29 September 2021. crimetheoriespodcast_grsdx5 (26 July 2020). "Hello Kitty Murder – Crime Theories Podcast". Moreno, Abeni (28 October 2021). "Why is the gruesome Hello Kitty murder one of the scariest true crime tales ever?". Film Daily.Lam, Tiffany (3 December 2011). "Haunted Hong Kong: Read if you dare |". Archived from the original on 3 December 2011. 6 December 2012. Archived from the original on 6 December 2012. "Trio sentenced to life in jail for gruesome killing in H.K | Asian Economic News | Find Articles at". 20 April 2008. Archived from the original on 20 April 2008. Chandler, Clay (9 December 2000). "'Hello Kitty' Murder Case Horrifies Hong Kong". Washington Post.  "Life for 'Hello Kitty' Killers". ABC News. "The Mind-Boggling Brutality Of The Hello Kitty Murder". Ranker. "Human Pork Chop (2001) and the Hello Kitty Murder". Cinematic Shocks. 23 June 2014. Thank you for listening to Killer Moves! We have a fun YouTube channel with podcast videos at Killer Moves Podcast on YouTube. Follow us on Instagram @killermovespodcast and check us out at #yallstaysafeoutthere #killermovespodcast