Let's Celebrate Crypto Current's 300th Episode Extravaganza!

Crypto Current

22-07-2022 • 36 mins

During this landmark episode, the Leadership Team will share a retrospective on their podcast interviews, explore the evolution of their Aftershock weekly news recap series, highlight their short-form educational series called Crypto Decrypted, and tease the expansion of their Live Show, Non-Fungible Thursdays.  Crypto Current’s Podcast Episodes feature the platform’s Founder and CEO, Richard Carthon, and its COO, Steven Miller, interviewing those individuals making waves across the rapidly growing landscape of Web3. While each of their shows are meant for viewers of all experience levels, the Crypto Current Team especially tailors its interviews for those who have a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies who want to dig deeper.  According to Richard Carthon, Founder and CEO of Crypto Current, "after four years in the making, I'm excited to be celebrating our 300th Podcast Episode! Reaching this milestone is a testament to our team’s commitment to upholding our core values while having fun with educating the world on the potential of this next evolution of the Internet. With every new episode, I always look forward to helping people stay Crypto Current." As for the rest of Crypto Current’s content slate, The Aftershock keeps listeners connected with current events in Web3 every Wednesday; Crypto Decrypted provides the crypto-curious a great place to begin learning if you’re new to the space - covering everything from fundamental concepts to advanced analysis techniques; and Non-Fungible Thursday on Twitter Spaces gives listeners the opportunity to learn about NFTs in an interactive setting.  Steven Miller, COO of Crypto Current added, “As Crypto Current has expanded its content since January of 2021, it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career hearing the impact each of our shows have had on our community. Day in and day out, we’ve worked to teach everyone from curious newcomers to the tech-savvy futurists about the remarkable potential of Web3 technologies - and now that we’ve reached this remarkable milestone, we’re so excited to announce our first Day Conference - http://agmicon.com/ (AGMI) - will make its debut August 19th, right in the heart of Austin, TX.” *Disclaimer. Richard Carthon is the Founder of Crypto Current. All opinions expressed by members of the Crypto Current Team, Richard or his guest on this podcast are solely their opinions and do not reflect the opinions of Crypto Current. You should not treat any opinion expressed by Richard as a specific inducement to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy but only as an expression of his opinion. This podcast is for informational purposes only. ~ Want more information on us? Please check out our Linktree for all our info :) https://t.co/ReDOIwzJvN (linktr.ee/cryptocurrent)