Tips to reduce Gadget time during Summer Holidays for Kids

Simplified Parenting and Emotionally Healthy Child

Apr 28 2022 • 10 mins

Summer holidays mean lots of free time for kids and need lots of attention from parents. In the current busy world, gadgets are becoming nannies for children during summer holidays or school breaks.

We all know about the bad effects of using gadgets continuously on the physical as well as the emotional health of the children. But at the same time, we can't completely cut them off when the world is moving towards AI and automation. So the only way is to befriend those gadgets and use them in such a way that it would be beneficial for the kids and also solve our problems of engaging them.

Tune in to the show to get interesting tips to make the gadgets friendlier and also reduce the impact of continuous mindless watching of the gadgets. If you want more such tips, do join my newsletter:


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