5 Tips to Establish the Connection with the Child in less than 10 minutes for busy parents

Simplified Parenting and Emotionally Healthy Child

Sep 28 2022 • 6 mins

Having a strong and secure connection with the parents helps the child to grow into an Emotionally Strong and mature adult, who can take on the challenges life throws at him.

Establishing that connection with the child takes effort and time which is a little difficult in this ever-busy and chaotic world. Here are a few tips to establish that secure feeling in your child in less than 10 minutes.

- Carve out a special YOU time with your child, wherein you get to spend time with your child far away from all the distractions.

- Always remember the 9-minute rule advocated by child psychologists. Try to spend at least 3 minutes if not all those 9 minutes with your child on a daily basis

- Take interest in their hobbies and passions. Learn a new hobby or a game together

- Read the books or do the household chores together

- Spend time away from the distracting gadgets amidst nature.

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