#284) Top 3 MISTAKES Job Seekers Are Making Today | Dr. Benjamin Ritter

Career Warrior Podcast

Jan 23 2023 • 48 mins

Today, I brought on Dr. Benjamin Ritter, founder of Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting. Not only is he an expert in the field, but he’s also a friend of mine based here in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Benjamin Ritter is a leadership and empowerment coach with an incredible amount of speaking experience under his belt, including a TEDx Talk on finding purpose at work. He’s a national speaker, podcaster, author, consultant, mentor, and teacher, and he’s passionate about guiding others in finding, creating, and sustaining a career they love. I told Ben I wanted to have a lot of fun in this episode, so I hope you’re ready for the entertainment as well as the informational content.


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