Episode Zero - Condition of the APE

Apogee Man

19-04-2020 • 12 mins

Apogee: The highest point in the development of something. A climax or culmination. Apex, zenith, pinnacle, paramount, apogee. You and I have felt tensions rise over the last few years. For the first time in the history of the planet a species broke free from the pains and struggles of the earth. We have have had the cognitive revolution. The agricultural, spiritual, financial, industrial, and computer revolutions. We have nothing left to prove, yet our 100,000 year old species still has yet to conquer the greatest challenge of all. Ourselves. We have exterminated and snuffed out life at will without consideration, foresight, reason, regard, or complete knowledge. We are gods, but the wisdom. Now is the time for the wisdom. We are capable enough. Strong enough, and worthy enough for fulfillment in life. Apogee APE is the journey to discover self knowledge and understand the command and uncommon who walk among us. I am Apogeeman. Just a man who wants to be his best. This podcast is my journey and the journey of apes like me. I'm @apogeeman everywhere except Facebook. Inquiries apogeeape@gmail.com donations venmo @apogeeman Follow our journey #apogeeape apogeeape.com Support this podcast