Two Friends 1 Pod

Nya Monae

what’s up yall!

my name is nya (if you didn’t know already), and welcome to my podcast, two friends 1 pod

i realized i never really introduced myself, so here we are.. in around September i decided i really wanted to start talking content creation and social media seriously. A friend and i decided to start this podcast and then i transitioned into making it my own!

My goal is to allow people, friend and family to share there stories and share things about themselves that maybe not a lot of people know. basically like every other podcast but more interested because most of these people won’t have a following!

The reason behind this is i have come across so many amazing people in my life with different background and different walks of life that i think other would love to here. it’s definitely different but i think it is going to to be fun!

I currently only have one episode up right now BUT so many more to come! and i hope you will come along for the journey!

if you would also love to connect with me on my personal account (@nyamonaed ) or my small business (@icedbynya ) here they are!! you can also find the podcast @twofriends1pod on all platforms!

So excited to take on this journey and hope yall stick around! and if your interested in being on my podcast let me know!

love ya! bye!

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