Living Onwards

Sarah Chavez

Living Onwards is a podcast about the grief journey and working together to live onwards with grief. Welcome to a space where stories of grief, strength, and moving forward come together in harmony. We won’t solve your grief, but by coming together to share our stories with you, we hope you won’t feel alone. The host of Living Onwards is a widow herself, living her grief while continuing to work and as a mom to a wonderful adult daughter. Join us and share the podcast. We won’t solve your grief, but we aim to be there when the silence is so loud. read less
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Living Onwards: Navigating Grief and Finding Hope
Jun 14 2024
Living Onwards: Navigating Grief and Finding Hope
Hello and welcome to the all-new Living Onwards podcast! 🎙️ In this episode, the first of season 1, I'm simply introducing what this podcast is about and why you should join us in the future. First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m your host, Sarah. I have a beautiful adult daughter, two cats who run the house, and a dog who tries her best not to be managed by the cats. I also work full-time. You might wonder why I’m sharing this information upfront, but it’s important because I want you to know who I am and why I started this podcast. In addition to all that, I’m a widow who lost my husband in January 2024 to cancer after a 10-year battle. We were, and are, a cancer family, and losing him was devastating. Long before we lost Carlos, I grieved the loss of normality in our lives, the future we envisioned, and the constant changes that cancer brought to our door. This podcast is brought to you by someone who is grieving and has grieved herself, someone who is figuring out how to live onwards. This isn’t about making money or solely about cancer or pet loss. It’s about sharing our stories, hearing yours, and learning together how to move forward, not just move on. If you’re looking for inspiration in your journey or tips on navigating life’s challenges caused by grief, Living Onwards is here for you. This podcast aims to offer a unique blend of support and encouragement. By tuning in, you’ll discover that others are going through the grief journey just like you and find tidbits that help with your path toward living onwards. Let’s be real: grief is hard, grief sucks, and it’s not fair. It’s something you have to do, but no one wants to do it. This podcast will tackle tough topics and focus on how to use those experiences to live onwards. We’re not moving on; we’re moving forward together. Expect some tears and laughter along the way. The Living Onwards podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. You can also listen to episodes directly on our website at Join us on the website where each episode has a blog article with more thoughts on the topics discussed and interesting links. More importantly, you can comment on episodes and engage with me and others in this journey. There’s also a form on the Contact Us page where you can suggest topics or share your own grief journey. Thank you for listening. I hope Living Onwards becomes a beacon of hope and encouragement for you. Subscribe today to start your journey towards healing and discovering the resilience within you. Share this podcast with anyone who might be interested, and remember, most people find podcasts through friend recommendations.