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Legal Legends: Joe Buttiglieri's 48 Years in Law
Apr 27 2024
Legal Legends: Joe Buttiglieri's 48 Years in Law
In our first episode of "Pro Bono with Ed Nahhat," we were thrilled to host Kemp Klein's Joe Buttiglieri, an esteemed lawyer with an impressive 48 years of legal experience. Our conversation spanned various aspects of Joe's career, his approach to law, and the significant changes he's witnessed in the legal profession.Joe marked the beginning of his career back in November 1976, a time before the widespread use of the internet and email. He reminisced about the early days when communication was primarily through phone calls and letters, and how the advent of technologies like photocopiers was a big deal. Reflecting on these changes, Joe emphasized the importance of continual learning and adapting to maintain relevance and engagement in legal practice. His early involvement with the Institute for Continuing Legal Education was a pivotal element that kept his career fresh by requiring him to stay updated and knowledgeable about varying legal topics.An interesting segment of our discussion highlighted Joe's role as a mediator, a skill he has honed over the years, characterized by his strong ethos of treating everyone with the respect they deserve. This approach, he believes, has been crucial not only in litigation but also in effective mediation. Joe attributes his success in building a good rapport with both colleagues and adversaries to the foundational values instilled by his parents—treating others as one would like to be treated, irrespective of the adversarial nature of legal disputes.We also delved into Joe's legal philosophy and his motivation for pursuing a career in law. He shared his views on the law as a tool for maintaining a civil society, especially poignant given his formative years during the 1960s—a time marked by significant social and political upheaval. Joe expressed a deep commitment to resolving conflicts through legal means rather than violence, highlighting his belief in the power of the law to foster a civilized society.Finally, Joe touched on his courtroom experiences and the personal connections that have become rarer in the age of digital communication and remote hearings. He reminisced about the benefits of direct interactions with clients and colleagues, which have been somewhat diminished by the convenience but impersonal nature of video conferencing tools like Zoom.Our discussion not only shed light on Joe's extensive career and legal insights but also offered valuable lessons on adaptability, respect, and the enduring importance of personal integrity in the practice of law.Link: Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) More info on the Kemp Klein Law Firm can be found at