Episode 54 - David Oldfield Interview

Australian Survivor Archives

Sep 9 2021 • 3 hrs 10 mins

He’s the man with more nicknames than he has had chicken dinners. The man we have named more episode after than any other contestant. The man who has gone down in Australian Survivor infamy as one of the all-time greats. And the man who this week is appearing on Australian Survivor Archives to talk about everything and more. That is right, it’s time to chat to the legend that is David Oldfield about his time on Australian Survivor season 2 and find out everything that you know went down and everything else that you didn’t. We find out from David which show he was told he was appearing on before he actually knew it was Survivor. We also learn which player promised they would never vote him out before the game and why such a thing was said. Added to this we learn just where his amazing cooking skills came from, how shocked he was about Imogen and Nicolle turning on him and where his time on Survivor ranks among all the other amazing things he has done in his life. It’s one hell of a chat that you definitely won’t want to miss, so get to listening to avoid disappointment!