Ghosts on the Shore: The Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

Living Through History

Feb 1 2024 • 13 mins

In the common understanding, the term "ghost town" refers to abandoned and forgotten urban settlements. These are communities created by humans for specific purposes, often economic, and left by the communities that once inhabited them once their raison d'être was exhausted. Along the old Gold Rush trail in the Yukon or in mining regions, there are numerous cases of ghost towns that now lie in dust, carrying distant memories of fortune seekers and wealth extractors, now reduced to fragments of heroic or tragic times. However, in Cyprus, there is a particularly unique ghost town, a seaside metropolis emptied in the course of an afternoon by residents and tourists alike, transformed from a holiday destination to a no man's land in the brief span of a few hours.

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Script: Federico Bettuzzi
Production: Giovanni Zorzi