The Assassination Of Bashir Gemayel

Living Through History

Jan 8 2024 • 13 mins

Friends, a new country will be born in a matter of days. It will be a Lebanon that is strong, secure, and independent. I will be the one to ensure all these promises. As the new president, I assure you that...". The strong voice of the speaker on the stage is overshadowed by a deafening explosion that shakes the building, debris falling from the ceiling, a cloud of dust invading the room, and the floor partially collapsing. The audience screams, a general rush to escape from the scene of the disaster. It takes hours to shed light on what happened, although everyone immediately understands that the tragedy was not caused by an accidental gas leak but by a dynamite attack. Hours in which increasingly confused rumors circulate about the number of victims, and the question everyone is asking is a single one: where is Bashir?

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Script: Giovanni Zorzi
Production: Giovanni Zorzi