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Rishi, Can You Hear Me?
Nov 6 2022
Rishi, Can You Hear Me?
Despite scientists warning that there can be no new oil and gas fields in the North Sea if we are to limit global warming to 1.5 °C, nearly 900 locations are being offered for exploration and and as many as 100 licenses are set to be awarded by the government. In response, Just Stop Oil have been actively protesting against these plans across London, causing major disruptions and dividing opinions. Toryn and Zenzo react to the Just Stop Oil protests, and ask whether or not they are an effective way to communicate the climate crisis and spark greater action?  In response to the news on Friday morning that Sizewell C nuclear power plant had been placed under review, Neil Macaulay, a lawyer with over 30 years of experience who now focuses on environmental issues and lives locally to the area where Sizewell C nuclear power plant is planned give us his live reaction to the news that Sizewell C has been placed under review. Tara Bryer, a climate change communication expert from Climate Outreach joins us on the pod with a view to COP27, where global leaders, policy makers and scientists will be convening to discuss the climate crisis, to explain to us how everyday people can effectively talk about the climate crisis with their friends, family and colleagues. You can find Climate Outreach's Talking Climate handbook that we mentioned on the pod here.  This week's episode of The Green Blob was made by Toryn Whitehead, with Zenzo Madubeko, Neil Macaulay and Tara Bryer. The technical producer was William Leah. Contact us at: