01: Six Degrees of Bob

Neurotic Podcast

Mar 12 2022 • 1 hr 26 mins

Jesse & Kyle start a podcast! Motoko Bootcamp, Entrepot’s self-minting tool, Steve Jobs quotes, Crypto for Communities, Kyle’s NNS proposal, Dom’s Tax proposal and BBQ. Episode Links: Motoko Bootcamp

Bob Bodily PhD

Entrepot NFT self minting tool

Crypto 90s

Real Artists Ship


SNS is coming

Kyle’s NNS Proposal

Dec 31: An Analysis

Deck Deck Go

Jesse’s Crypto for Communities Post



Dom’s Tax Proposal

Kyle's Popcorn Maker

Severance on Apple TV+

Ted Lasso on Apple TV+

Films to be Buried With With Brett Goldstein

Please create cover art for us! Win an NFT from Kyle’s personal collection. Send your work to our twitter account

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