KNX In Depth: No Louisville police officer directly charged w/involvement in Breonna Taylor's death -- 90% of Americans still susceptible to COVID infection, we aren't "rounding the corner" -- Adam Schiff talks reforming the federal government

KNX In Depth

23-09-2020 • 33 mins

One Louisville police officer out of the three that were possibly facing charges in the deadly raid on Breonna Taylor's apartment has been criminally charged; but those charges actually have nothing to do with the fact that Taylor died. Why is it so difficult to charge and convict police officers with misconduct?  Some sobering news from the CDC director to the Senate this morning: even after nearly 7-million Americans have been infected with the novel coronavirus, and over 200-thousand people have died..........at least 90-percent of the population is still susceptible.  Meaning any idea that we're "rounding the corner" doesn't really match with reality. Also: we got both some promising and some troubling news on the development of new COVID vaccines........so we'll explain.                     Safe to say you can find Americans on either side of the partisan divide who would agree that the federal government is broken.  We have a political environment that increasingly discourages compromise, and many of the checks and balances have stopped working. So can we fix it? Congressman Adam Schiff introduced a new reform package today, and we'll talk to him. Plus, we have questions about the Supreme Court fight. And election interference.... See omnystudio.com/policies/listener for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices