Rewilding with Richard Bunting

The Owl Hoot

07-12-2021 • 49 mins

Richard Bunting is Director of Communications & Campaigns International.

In this episode, Richard covers:

  • His early career and working with Amnesty International. [Starts at 1:50]
  • Environmental interests and Trees for Life. [Starts at 4:02]
  • What rewilding is, in comparison to conservation. [Starts at 6:45]
  • The rewilding network and where rewilding can take place. [Starts at 10:07]
  • A nature-based solution offering hope and raising ambitions. [Starts at 13:13]
  • Rewilding in practice – intervention and natural regeneration. [Starts at 18:54]
  • Time frames of projects and emerging benefits. [Starts at 25:05]
  • The positive impact of a nature-rich environment. [Starts at 27:55]
  • Individual and community action making a difference; The Langholm Initiative. [Starts at 30:41]
  • A nature-rich landscape in 2050 – beavers, as an example. [Starts at 34:59]
  • Shifting baselines, nature-depletion and what reversing this can mean. [Starts at 42:38]
  • Rewilding at home and recommendations to others. [Starts at 45:37]

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