Make My Money Matter with Holly McElhone

The Owl Hoot

20-01-2022 • 34 mins

Holly McElhone is the press and communications manager for Make My Money Matter.

In this episode, Holly covers:

  • Her experience in financial communications and joining Make My Money Matter. [Starts at 1:40]
  • Why the campaign started. [Starts at 3:14]
  • Campaign aims and the power of your pension. [Starts at 4:26]
  • Increasing awareness of the connection between pensions and climate change. [Starts at 6:05]
  • Communicating the message through videos, social media and well-known personalities. [Starts at 9:23]
  • How the Make My Money Matter website can help. [Starts at 11:14]
  • Deciphering credible promises from greenwashing. [Starts at 14:09]
  • Responses from pension providers. [Starts at 16:11]
  • The Green Pension Charter and company pension schemes. [Starts at 19:20]
  • Performance of sustainable pension funds. [Starts at 22:04]
  • Positive feedback and engagement in young people. [Starts at 24:41]
  • The campaign beyond the UK. [Starts at 27:28]
  • Pensions in 2050 – no funding of fossil fuels. [Starts at 29:00]
  • Personal lifestyle changes – more climate and pension conversations with family and friends. [Starts at 30:28]

Useful links

Make My Money Matter website

Bronwyn King TEDx Talk

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