Season 4: #16 - "Creating Unstoppable Confidence" with Henry Ammar

Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

23-01-2023 • 29 mins

Join Henry Ammar for this solo episode as he dives deep into the topic of confidence. Tune is as he shares how his journey to self-confidence shaped his career, ambitions, and the way he dealt with rejection. He shares actionable steps that can help us all move from insecurity, doubts, and lack of self-worth to loving self-awareness and a powerful sense of confidence. The type of confidence that can powerfully move forward no matter what others say, what is in front of you, or what obstacles are in front of you. It changes everything!

Henry draws from personal experience to explain why listening to our intuition and approaching our journey in a love-based way will help us unstoppable confidence. Ultimately, it’s all about having faith that we are all capable of getting to where we want to be.

Enjoy this episode!


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