New Civil War: Are We Being Played? | Exclusive Content Teaser

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19-08-2022 • 4 mins

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In this video I highlight the 4 stages of ideological subversion laid out by ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov in relation to what's happening in our country and why much of the news we watch that outrages us is precisely part of the process.  We are in stage 3 (crisis).  The final stage is Normalization and that's the stage where nothing is ever the same.

However, I end this video with a call to look within, end the psychological wishes for violence against who we deem to be our enemies and to transcend the trap.

#BenStewart #Subversion #PsychologicalOperations #Control #Outrage

You are the most powerful technology.  Don't ever forget that.

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