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Hello, my name is Arnab Ray. Welcome to my podcast. I am an entrepreneur, management consultant, mentor and an early stage investor and deeply involved in the startup ecosystem. Over the last decade I have set up 10 successful ventures under Array Innovative Services including BPlan Experts, PresentationGFX, Vezume,, Xprezio, ilogyx etc. I have created this podcast to share my experiences with fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs. Her I talk about entrepreneurship, startups, technology, design and success mantras. Follow my blog at . read less

Business Planning for Startups
Jun 9 2022
Business Planning for Startups
A brief introduction to business planning, process and outline of a business plan. For any queries please feel free to visit one of my ventures at Check out by blog at: Drop in your queries and I would love to answer them.  ==================================================== Today we are going to talk about business planning. - What is a business plan? - Why do you need a business plan? - What are the uses of a business plan? - How do you write a business plan? - Process of business planning? - Sections of a business plan - Sample business plan - Business plan outline What is a business plan? A business plan is a roadmap for your business implementation. It outlines your vision, goals and showcases the plan of achieving them. Why do you need a business plan? - Analyze the feasibility of your Idea: Helps You Decide to Proceed or Stop - Planning Improves Your Odds of Success -  Valuable Insights: Helps you improve Your Business - Helps You Keep on Track - Communicate your idea So what are the uses of a business plan? - Raising Funds - Communication to stakeholders - Project Roadmap for structured implementation So how do create a business plan? What is the process? - IDEATION & FEASIBILITY - Basic documentation of the idea. Understanding the conceptual feasibility. - MARKET ANALYSIS - Economic, Industry, Competitor analysis. Understand the opportunity. - STRATEGY FORMULATION -  Draw out the marketing, operation, human resource strategy for your venture. - FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS - Forecast your costs and sales over the timeline. Understand the start-up expenses. So what does a typical business plan looks like? - Executive Summary - Company Overview - Products & Services - Business Model - Strategies & Tactics - Milestones - Startup Expenses - Financial Statements - Financial Statements - Return On Investment If you need any help with preparing a business plan or an  investor deck. You can visit one of my ventures at #businessplanning #startups #entrepreneurship --- Send in a voice message: