156. Back in the Saddle I - The Spirit of the Lame

The Sport Blokes

Jul 6 2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

Recorded 1 & 4 July 2023   (00:22) Context

(01:07) Opening Bounce (MLB; The good times and sport stuff from Nath's trip to Koh Samui)

(12:16) Cricket: The World Test Championship Final

(16:38) Cricket: The bloke’s 1st Ashes Test

(23:18) Cricket: The bloke’s 2nd Ashes Test up to mid-day 4

(27:16) Cricket: World Cup Qualifiers (and the demise of the West Indies cricket team?/rise of the Scottish team?)

(31:41) Cricket: The bloke's 2nd Ashes Test from mid-day 4 to result (and all surrounding merriment, which is all in good fun and doesn't involve any salt or vitriol at all); Possible selections for Leeds; and a bit more World Cup Qualifiers too.

(1:02:16) Football - AFL: We struggle to keep interest amongst our teams’ performances and low scores across the competition; Scorigamis and Stats; Who can win it all?

(1:12:57) Final Thoughts

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