Braving the wilderness to start your own business

Hey Soul Sista by Melissa Histon

Mar 12 2023 • 30 mins

Hey Soul Sista, we live in a period time where are seeing the rise in women entrepreneurship – did you now that two-thirds of new businesses created in Australia in the past decade have been founded by women. Even in light of these crazy COVID times, it seems women are certainly taking the brave step to creating and growing their own business.

So have you ever had a yearning to leave your job and take the leap into starting your own business? Business woman and entrepreneur, Holly Martin, knows what it’s like to build a business (or two!).She is the Managing Director; Chief Marketer at The Marketing GP and has also founded a number of other businesses in the last decade, ranging from product-based businesses to for-purpose to

In this episode of Hey Soul Sista, she shares some of her business and life lessons and inspire all you wonderful entrepreneurial women!

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