Pessimistic at Best

Samantha Georgson

"Hey there, I'm Sam and I love to complain," sounds like the kind of introduction one would give at an AA meeting, except instead of battling alcoholism, they're addicted to being a sourpuss, and well—if the shoe fits! Sam considers herself to be pessimistic at best and a downright bitch at her worst. Each week, she invites a talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular guest on the podcast to gab about the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, get with it, or get lost basically!

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Popping Off
Feb 6 2024
Popping Off
Send us a love letter (or hate mail, your choice!)It's 2024 and the rumors are true, I'm popping off this year! So sorry you had to find out like this, destiny is calling and I'd be a fool to let her go to voicemail, as they say! We're back with a new season and a slightly new episode format that I'm so excited to finally pump into your sweet little ears. This season we're starting a new segment on the pod called, "the good, the bad, and the ugly," and (not to state the obvious, but) during this segment, my guests will be invited to share something good, something bad, and something ugly. These could include personal anecdotes, fictional characters, opinions on the latest fashion trends, or the hottest celebrity gossip — the list goes on! Always open to interpretation, of course. I'm kicking things off this week and will be sharing my first #GBU of the season to set the tone, so join us for a silly little conversation about *that* final dance number in Saltburn, the tragedy that is almost shitting your pants, what it really means to be a girl's girl, and so much more. Get silly with us on social:FOLLOW THE PODCASTInstagram: @pessimisticatbestFacebook: @pessimisticatbestWebsite: pessimisticatbest.comFOLLOW SAMANTHAInstagram: @samgeorgsonTikTok: @samgeorgsonTwitter: @samgeorgsonYouTube: @samgeorgsonWebsite: samanthageorgson.comFOLLOW JAMESInstagram: @daycatcher_TikTok: @daycatcherTwitter: @daycatcherYouTube: @daycatcherWebsite: daycatcher.netSupport the Show.