Ep. 11 The delicious paradox of ‘slow’ in the workplace with Carl Honoré

everywoman Podcast

01-10-2018 • 24 mins

“The keynote of modern life is acceleration – and the pressure is coming at us from every angle. The natural human instinct is to ‘have it all”. So we end up not having it all, or seeking to – and that just means ‘hurrying it all.’” But we don’t have to play that game, says author of the global bestselling book In Praise of Slow and ‘Godfather of the Slow Movement’ Carl Honoré. The benefits to slowing down are legion – improved creativity, focus, wellbeing – and ironically more productivity - and while business culture is catching up, the revolution has to be an individual shift. In this fascinating podcast episode we talk to Carl about the optimum tempo of life and work - and how you can start to make a choice to become more, rather than just do more.