EP 25 Challenges of Fixing Your Shit Show and Pursuing Your Purpose At the Same Time Part 2

Find Your Own Voice and Own It

Jun 2 2021 • 57 mins

In part two of Kevin’s guest appearance, we continue the conversation on how to move through difficult times in your relationship. Join Anya and Kevin as they both share their thoughts and advice on dealing with conflicting perspectives and purposes in their relationship. Learn how to have healthy and intentional conversations with your partner, how to appreciate your differences, and so much more in this episode. So tune in now and uncover the tools to achieve a more honest and fulfilling relationship with your partner.


  • Can two people have different purposes in a relationship?
  • How to have healthy and intentional conversations.
  • How to appreciate differences in your relationship.
  • The importance of having mutual respect.
  • Learning to compromise with each other.


“Sometimes you have to also remember, you have to communicate the good stuff as well as the stuff that frustrates you about each other.”


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