EP 24 Challenges of Fixing Your Shit Show and Pursuing Your Purpose at the Same Time Part 1

Find Your Own Voice and Own It

May 26 2021 • 52 mins

In this episode, Anya brings on her husband Kevin to talk about the ups and downs of their relationship over the years. Whether it’s conflicting communication styles or dealing with toxicity while trying to run businesses, Anya and Kevin have had their fair share of challenges together. But instead of surrendering to them, Anya and Kevin have managed to hold it all together and work through those difficult times. Many people do not understand this couple, but they are a force to be reckoned with when they are on the same page. It hasn't been easy...nor are they perfect. So tune in to part one of this episode as they share how they dealt with some of the rockiest periods of their lives and the lessons learned from those times.


  • What does love mean to you?
  • How to deal with toxicity in relationships.
  • Navigating conflicting communication styles.
  • Thoughts on transparency and vulnerability in relationships.


“The toxicity burns a hole in your heart at some point. And it can thrive and fix itself, but you have to acknowledge that those hurts and pains are there and figure out how to heal them.”


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