#7: Blair Hughes - Park Heights

She Achieved with Albine Bennett

Aug 30 2023 • 37 mins

Blair Hughes is originally from Dallas, TX, but calls Columbus, MS, her home. In the year 2000, she embarked on a new journey by relocating to Tupelo, following a thriving banking career in Washington, DC. Having spent nearly 15 years in the nation's capital, a profound inner calling for a different professional path, as well as a yearning to draw closer to her roots, stirred within her.

Contemplating the idea of establishing a restaurant, Blair sought to ensure her readiness and commitment. Her quest led her to culinary school in Memphis, followed by an instrumental role in aiding a friend in launching a dining establishment in New York. Subsequently, she dedicated a year to this endeavor before immersing herself in a culinary kitchen in Grayton, Florida. This self-imposed training regimen was her deliberate strategy, not only to grasp every facet of the restaurant realm but also to solidify her conviction regarding this career transition.

With a deep reservoir of experience, Blair recognized that the time had come to actualize her vision: a laid-back yet upscale eatery offering contemporary American fare infused with global inspirations.

Learn more about Park Heights by visiting https://www.parkheightstupelo.com/

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