The New Woman: Putting Herself First!

Amy the7th

Jun 12 2023 • 55 mins

In the premier episode of Amythe7th Podcast, Tanisha Coleman talks helping black women become happier, healthier and wealthier. Amythe7th explores why women often times put men first. And how she can move from being a "male worshipper to a "self-worshipper." And why that isn't a bad thing! We also discuss the "ultimate happiness." And best ways to budget yourself to a better life! Visit for more info! You can also follow Tanisha on IG @blackherstorian7 and at Amythe7th Podcast drops every Monday, 7PM ET on Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube! I also frequently post on FB and IG @Amythe7th! Learn more about me or my podcast!

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