Clouds Don't Hear Barking: Tuning into Your Star Player

Amy the7th

Sep 11 2023 • 23 mins

It's episode 13 of #Amythe7th. This episode speaks for itself. Before greatness comes a moment of trial and then clarity before redemption. All the greats attest to it: Sha'Carri Richardson, Coco Gauff, Simone Biles and Terence Crawford. Each of them had moments where they were ridiculed, defeated and disappointed. But in those moments, they attest to redemption. Their ability to tune into their star player. Essentially, up from the ashes. Those words also introduce Coach Dell. He's an author I'll fully present in the coming weeks. He wrote a book titled, "Up From Ashes." it recaps his life from streets, prison to redemption. He gave me the idea for tonight's episode. His book is a page turner! Grab your copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You can also learn more from his IG #Amythe7th drops each and every Monday at 7PM ET. Also like and follow me on IG or FB @amythe7th.

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