Owning the Stage!

Amy the7th

Aug 14 2023 • 33 mins

What's up every one! This is the 10th episode of Amythe7th! Director, writer and actor Matthew Reed graces my stage. Matthew is all about keeping God first, even while giving your enemy a plate to go! He's directed and written 15 plays in the last 6 years and now has a movie on the horizon! A real definition of a go-getter from the westside of Chicago. He says he created the life he wanted from years of going without! Matthew speaks life into those needing a purpose with all the theatrics! His newest stage play, "The Front Door" premiers in Chicago Sept. 16th. It's also set to hit theaters sometime in October! He's also on tour! Check out Matthew Reed on Eventbrite for tickets in your area! You can keep up with him on IG or TIK TOK @officialMatthewReed. Or, follow him on FB at Matthew Reed. As always, Amythe7th drops each and every Monday at 7PM. Please like, follow and subscribe on Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple. Keep up with me on IG or FB @Amythe7th!

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