Believe to Achieve: Author, Poems & Inspiration

Amy the7th

Jul 31 2023 • 47 mins

What's up every one! It's Episode 8 of Amythe7th! I introduce you to Slyvester Bell. He's an author, community-pastor and a former St. Louis school teacher. He's dropping Volume 3 of his book, "Believe to Achieve" next month! It lives up to its title. A real pick-me upper, filled with inspirational poems. Bell's entire purpose is to inspire people to live a Godly life without fear. This episode covers everything including smiling through the pain: A gift that keeps on giving! Plus, the importance of building your brand before you produce a product. Tune in tonight at 7P ET. You can check it on all streaming platforms at Don't forget to like and subscribe to my tracks! Also, follow me @AmyThe7th on IG and FB. Follow for more inspiring posts. Expect "Believe to Achieve: Volume 3" to drop next month for $10. You can also shoot him an email at

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