Booked & Busy: Purpose after Trauma

Amy the7th

Sep 18 2023 • 48 mins

What's up everyone! This is Episode 14 of #Amythe7th. Please like this track and subscribe for more content! It's all about Renicea Michelle! She's a professional violinist, educator, singer & songwriter. And like me, we both learned to walk again after a tragic accident. But it's during recovery Renicea rekindled her purpose. She says "God is intentional." She adds the accident led to her quitting teaching and pursuing music full time. Sis is booked, busy & beautiful across #Memphis! We have a good talk on how she got the knees moving after an accident sat her down. You can book a private event with @reniceamichelle through Facebook, Instagram or email Check out more episodes or learn more about me by visiting Don't forget to like, follow or comment about this episode @AmyThe7th on IG or FB!

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