Make it Make Music

Amy the7th

Jul 24 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

It's the 7th episode of Amythe7th. Special guest is Damen "Nxt Damentional" Tolbert. He's a saxophonist, educator, writer and composer. He's a musical genius bred from the southside of Chicago. We talk the making of his musical talent. But what sticks out, is how music now influences the culture. Damen shares his expertise on how and where the music game went left. How to fix the music game. And if you didn't know, why artists are spiritual warriors tasked with bringing frequencies to the physical realm. Damen has a new music video out called "The Mood." You can vibe to it at the end of this listening. You can see the full video on his YouTube channel, Damen Tolbert. Check out his music, poetry and other works at His next masterpiece, Groove Absolute, drops Sept. 22nd. You can follow him on IG @damentional. As always, Amythe7th drops every Monday at 7P ET. You can keep up with me on FB and IG @Amythe7th. Check out other streaming platforms by visiting

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