EP 114 | What Makes Your Blood Boil

Random Noobs

11-04-2022 • 1 hr 11 mins

DO NOT be fooled by only three time stamps.

Jovany & Kenny dive with a deep understanding and disagreement of the topic with using references to other body of cinema to express their opinion.

In Moon Knight, we use examples from Angelina Jolie's movie called Salt & how that plays in the multi angle the episode is portraying.

Lastly, the Noobs gets personal with what are triggers with physical interactions, arguing with an old school traditionalist views over family and home, while questioning how people without housing & females becoming escorts.

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Enjoy the Show!

Time Stamps:

(0:00) | Marvel Studios' Moon Knight episode 2 review.

(35:00) | Our favorite one scene shot in movies & tv shows.

(50:50) | In a world where now so many things can trigger a person, what are you able to identify as your trigger?

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