Episode 119 | Men Have No Say In Abortion Laws

Random Noobs

13-05-2022 • 1 hr 24 mins

On this episode, the Guys shared how their Mother's Day went, how we shouldn't even be discussing repealing Roe v Wade over a "leaked" vote, Pfizer not wanting to release their clinical trials over the Vid, our thoughts on Johnny Depp and his abuser Amber Heard (allegedly), student loans being America's silent killer with interest and so much more...

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Time Stamps:

(0:00) | Mother’s Day

(17:00) | Roe v Wade

(25:00) Pfizer's clinical trials data dump of 80k pages

(29:00) | Amber Heard v Johnny Depp Trial

(41:00) |  Mia Khalifa wanting to rebrand from her corn days

(54:50) | The real killer with student loans never being paid off

(1:01:260 | How can an actor/actress recover publicly from an controversial role

(1:18:00) | Influencers not respecting the artist in their TikTok's videos.