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Hey it's Alyssa from Born by Accident Podcast!

During season two I talked to a lot of people, and they were willing to share their stories with me. Their stories of being human, and living this wild life. I feel so honored that I was able to sit with them and listen and find similarities in all of our lives.

I want to keep bringing these stories to you and allowing for this place where people can recount their big moments and talk about living on earth. Everyone has stories. I would love to be there for you to tell yours. Let's talk about it! Email me at

I love you all.

Season One description: SUBSCRIBE for the reality show that lives in my head! I was not created on purpose by my parents. I was raised as a burden to any parental figure that entered my life. Don't worry! I am at peace. At 43, I have started to really know myself well and I need to get my words out. This story needs to live outside of my body. I've learned so much through therapy, books, self-discovery, and more - I can't wait to share it with you. This is the story of my life, how I cope, and what I am learning every day on this wild human journey.

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What is faith with Rev. Lisa Beth Ackerman
Aug 15 2023
What is faith with Rev. Lisa Beth Ackerman
TLDL: 41:07-42:00 Don't miss this part!!!The words God and Jesus used to trigger me so much that I would probably not have given this episode a second glance. If that's you too, listen! I've never met a clergy person quite like the Methodist Reverend, Lisa Beth Ackerman. She's a mother, a divorcee, a medical biller, a book collector, and carries a degree called a Master of Divinity! There is healing in her words, acceptance in her practice, and joy in her heart. Rev. Lisa Beth has faced so much adversity within her career as a pastor and in her two completed marriages (one who is a fundamentalist follower of Bill Gothard, or at least acts like it), yet she feels so safe and strong to be around. I doubt I will ever go to Christian church again, but if I did, it would be hers. I mean there was even thunder clapping while we were recording AND while I was editing! Wow!Intro & Outro Music by Brandon TownsendReferences made:Mary Oliver's famous quote: “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift.”Douglas Asbury, my former pastor from childhood - I mentioned him in the show and looked him up. Happy People Docuseries:*it was really hard for me to watch this. I did find it important. It's just so incredible and terrible the way people use religion to control.More about the Pharisees and Sadducees: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.