EP272: Making a Difference through Business – The Voice of a CEO

How To Cut It in the Hairdressing Industry

06-02-2023 • 43 mins

A podcast episode sponsored by Denman Professional Having company CEO's on the How To Cut It podcast are important! Hearing the human side of a company and what they stand for, allows us to connect with them on a much deeper level. People like to engage with other people, not companies! In our new collaborative podcast series for 2023 with Denman Professional, I'm sitting down for a conversation with the brands CEO, Kevin McNamee. In this conversation we get an inside look to the iconic Denman brand to understand how it operates, and why it's viewed as a truly caring company. A British and family-owned business, Denman haves a really robust Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) strategy. Its uplifting to hear how a company is taking such a positive approach to its CSR, so I had to record a podcast episode to learn all about this. We learn stuff like the many projects Denman are supporting and how they are actively seeking a ‘root to branch’ approach to hairdressing. Later in to the podcast we also get an exclusive on the Denman Stage Star 2023 competition. Be sure to stick around for this! It matters that the professional tools that you both use and recommend to your clients comes from a company thats stands for the right values. A company that takes an interest in wider social issues, rather than just those that impact their profit margins. Sharing these values can only be a positive thing for us all. Enjoy! To apply for a Denman Professional account sign up HERE     A podcast produced by HOWTOCUT IT Media - Find us on @howtocutitmedia Thanks for Listening Leave a note in the comment section below. Ask a question by emailing me HERE Share this show on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. To help out the show: Leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help and I read each one. Subscribe on iTunes. Follow on Spotify. Subscribe by Email. Thank you to Kevin McNamee for joining me on todays podcast. Until next time Howtocutter's, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye!