Classic Rerun: Gianni Scumaci – The Hidden Intelligence of a Hairdresser

How To Cut It in the Hairdressing Industry

27-12-2022 • 1 hr

Happy Christmas Holidays, Howtocutters! I couldn't think of a better way to enjoy this festive holiday season than listening in to a How To Cut It Classic Rerun podcast . And for this Classic Rerun I've selected one of the worlds most respected hair artists, Gianni Scumaci. Titled the 'Hidden Intelligence of Hairdresser', you are about to hear that episode I had with Gianni Scumaci that was first recorded and published back in February 2019. It was a huge hit! No surprises it was such a huge hit.  It was one of the the most powerful and impactful interviews we have heard on the How To Cut It in the Hairdressing podcasts. We got to hear on why being a hairdresser has such worth and value. It was truly a thought provoking interview from an incredible mind and great communicator. Gianni is passionate about raising the value of hairdressing and founded GS Education spending the last few years traveling the world educating hairdressers, awakening them to their worth and hidden intelligence. This is something Gianni is going to share this with you, along with his story on how his carved out a unique and successful career in the world of salon, editorial and education. This Classic Rerun episode is a reminder on why what we all do as hairdressers and barbers is so meaningful. It will reconnect you back to why you first came into the hair industry, your worth, and why it puts you on an equal level with other highly respected professionals. I promise you that our conversation recorded back in 2019 with Gianni will have a profound effect on you. Let me know here . Hit play Howtocutters and lets go deep!     A podcast produced by HOWTOCUT IT Media - Find us on @howtocutitmedia Thanks for Listening To share your thoughts: Leave a note in the comment section below. Ask a question by emailing me HERE Share this show on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. To help out the show: Leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help and I read each one. Subscribe on iTunes. Follow on Spotify. Subscribe by Email. Thank you Gianni Scumaci for joining me on this Classic Rerun podcast. Until next time Howtocutter's, Peace, Love and Smiles all the way… Goodbye.