The Loughinisland Massacre

The Troubles Podcast

Feb 9 2021 • 26 mins

June 18th, 1994 in the small village of Loughinisland the Northern Irish county of Down. There was a crowd of people in the tiny heights bar, watching the Republic of Ireland play Italy in the 1994 World Cup. At 10 minutes past 10, two men dressed in boiler suits and balaclavas walked into the bar. They were armed with assault rifles, and as they walked in, they shouted ‘Fenian Bastards’ and then opened fire on the unarmed crowd, killing five. They then disappeared into the night. The incident went on to become known as the Loughinisland Massacre and what went on to be revealed over the next 20 years has led this massacre to become one of the most stark and startling examples of collusion between the police and loyalist paramilitary group, the UVF. SOURCES:Hutchinson Report: Report: Stone Unturned Documentary (Only available in certain regions): about the Republic of Ireland Football Team's gesture: about the arrest of the journalists: about a survivor of Loughinisland: of the Heights bar speaks of the massacre: about retired policemen trying to quash the Maguire Report: See for privacy and opt-out information.