The Guildford Four and Maguire Seven

The Troubles Podcast

Jan 12 2021 • 26 mins

October 5th, 1974 in the small town of Guildford, England. It was a Saturday evening and the pubs were packed full of people, who were relaxing after a week spent working. The Horse and Groom was one of the more popular pubs in the town as it was rumoured to have the cheapest pints around. Amidst the jovial atmosphere, a man and a woman slipped into the pub, stayed for one drink and then left. Then, a short while later, a bomb detonated that would cause absolute carnage in the pub. Four soldiers and one civilian were killed outright with 65 others injured. Of the five people killed, four of them were teenagers. The wave of revulsion that came from the Guildford Pub Bombings would set in motion one of the greatest injustices in the British Judicial System, one which neither the victims of the bombing, nor those accused would get any closure. SOURCES:Channel Four Documentary on the Bombing: One Documentary Following Paddy Armstrong: Written By Paul Hill While in Prison: Talking About his Life: Talking About Life After Prison: Pierce Speaking: if interested check out the movie 'In The Name Of The Father. Here's the trailer: See for privacy and opt-out information.