People of the Troubles: John Hume

The Troubles Podcast

Sep 1 2020 • 29 mins

John Hume was one of the most important individuals throughout the Troubles. He spent decades of his life campaigning for a civil solution to the never ending violence in Northern Ireland and helped to navigate the path to peace, earning himself a Nobel Peace prize along the way. He passed away on August 3rd 2020 and this episode is being recorded shortly after his death, as people all over the world have come together to celebrate his life. SOURCES:John Hume: A lesser-known life of fish, finance and football Documentary on John Hume to John Hume - a “champion of peace” in Northern Ireland - BBC News Hume | Northern Ireland | Politics | SDLP - 1971 Hume - Ireland's Greatest (RTÉ Documentary) On The Troubles: A Secret History: Episode 1 Hume in Strasbourg About Hume in Later Life Hume: 'A father of the peace process and one of Derry's greatest sons' See for privacy and opt-out information.