Woodrow Wilson Part 1

US History Repeated

Nov 14 2022 • 36 mins

Woodrow Wilson is a man and President whose policies and beliefs leave him with a troubled legacy. He fits into the category of former President who did some great things and he also did some terrible things. Uncomfortable conversations and discussing the full picture of historical figures is essential.

His early life and upbringing helped to shape his ideals and beliefs which of course, when he became President of the United States, shaped his policies (Both domestic and foreign).

In this podcast on Wilson we get into his early life, his political rise, the election of 1812, the creation of The Federal Reserve, The Clayton Act, the beginnings of the Federal Trade Commission, the formation of the IRS, and several other pieces of legislation.

We are also joined by Emily Kilgore and Andrew Philips from the Woodrow Wilson Presidential museum and library who discuss the Federal Reserve, one of Wilson's biggest accomplishments while in office.

There is always more to learn, catch you on the other side!