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Geriatric Mamas is a real and unfiltered podcast about life as advanced maternal aged mamas hosted by Jessica Rizzieri and Sonia Tapley. Neither of them were familiar with the term Geriatric Pregnancy before getting pregnant. Who is?! They’ll be sharing fertility journeys, birth stories, parenting, recipes, health and wellness, funny stories, and whatever else their old AF geriatric hearts desire! So, follow along and join the conversation as they lean in to geriatric parenthood! Follow along and subscribe as we lean into this 𝒈𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒕𝒓𝒊𝒄 life as new mamas! We’ll be sharing our fertility journeys, parenting tips, recipes, health and wellness content, funny stories, and whatever else our old AF geriatric hearts desire! read less
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Technology & Screen Time With Alyssa: This Podcast is Now Officially Geriatric!
Mar 7 2024
Technology & Screen Time With Alyssa: This Podcast is Now Officially Geriatric!
On this episode Sonia and Jessica are joined by Alyssa, who happens to be a former elementary school teacher, to discuss technology and screen time for little ones. They weigh in on facing the challenges of balancing screen time, parental controls, internet safety, promoting digital well-being, tech-free activities, and educational technology options. They also discuss the fact that geriatric moms are ‘too old’ to have their wisdom teeth removed, at some point Sonia mistakenly calls Khloe Kardashian Kourtney a few times (and no one notices). Also, when in doubt, there’s always Ms. Rachel, so we should all feel #Grateful and #Blessed. For a full list of resources mentioned on this episode, visit the show notes here! Topics discussed in this episode: This Podcast Is Officially Geriatric! Welcome To Episode 35! (12:18) Intro To Technology & Screen Time For Littles (12:55) How To Balance Screen Time (13:46) What Parental Controls Are Available For Popular Devices And Platforms/Apps?(16:15) YouTube Controls & iPhone Guided Access (19:49) Tips For Promoting Digital Well-Being (23:08) Why Does Screen Time Have Such A Bad Reputation? (26:17) What Are The Current Recommendations For Screen Time Limits Based On Age Groups And Developmental Stages? (31:14) Some Of the Best Options For Educational Technology For When Alyssa Wants to Watch Ms. Rachel (36:20) Proof of Life, Do Not Disturb & Exiting The Group Chat During Your Luteal Phase Could Be Considered Passive Aggressive, But Are Still Better Than Murder (45:45) Encouraging Children to Use Technology Creatively (51:15) Teaching Children Internet Safety (54:02) Learning During Covid (56:33) Ms. Rachel (01:03:05)