S3E11 - Chi's Sweet Home, Plus Size Elf

ScreenTone Club

26-05-2020 • 44 mins

In this episode of Screentone Club, Elliot and Andy try and keep the mood light by discussing things that are undeniably cute: kittens and chubby elves!

Series Discussed: Plus-Sized Elf, Chii's Sweet Home

Assignments for next Episode: Granny Girl Hinata-chan, My Roomie is a Dino

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0:01:30 - In Memory of Zac Bertschy
0:05:15 - Returning Champions: Arte
0:08:30 - Ex-Enthusiasts: Motokare Mania Vols. 2-3
0:11:30 - The Way of the House Husband Vols. 2-3
0:14:30 - Andy’s Pick: Chi’s Sweet Home Vol. 1
0:21:30 - Humans vs Kitten
0:23:30 - Full Colour (oops)
0:27:15 - Elliot’s Pick: Plus Size Elf Vol. 1
0:30:45 - Another Artist living the Dream
0:34:00 - Too Horny?
0:38:15 - Elliot still trying to justify his enjoyment of this series
0:42:15 - Our Picks for Next Episode!
0:44:00 - Plug Plug!