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09: Louisiana Police Officer, Officer Myron Gaudet
Apr 9 2023
09: Louisiana Police Officer, Officer Myron Gaudet
Myron Gaudet is a veteran police officer, with 28 years of service in many dimensions of law enforcement. He has served in the patrol division, detective bureau, street crimes unit, training academy instructor, a field training officer, & patrol Sergeant. Myron also served in the United States Civpol Program, which sends American police officers abroad to represent the United States in war torn areas, in an effort to help rebuild infrastructure and first responder capabilities. Civpol personnel are trainers, mentors, advisors, as well as law enforcement officers. Myron is still actively serving as a patrol Sergeant in metro New Orleans area law enforcement. He holds numerous law enforcement instructor certifications, including that of peer support officer. In the martial arts, Myron has 40 years of training and teaching experience. He has trained in numerous martial arts, including Kickboxing, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and San Shou. As a part of his martial arts education, Myron learned to develop a meditation practice early in his life- which he states has helped immensely in maintaining mental and physical wellness through his police career. In addition to training and teaching, Myron is one of Louisiana's most senior state licensed MMA referees. he has refereed at all levels of the sport up to and including major events such as the UFC, Bellator, Legacy Fighting Alliance, & Fury. He currently lives & teaches in the metro New Orleans area. If you have any questions for Officer Gaudet, please reach out to him via email: Or please visit his website: Instagram: @myga1123