Dr. Dean Schillinger on the Diabetes Epidemic

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin

Apr 2 2024 • 35 mins

Many of us are aware that a steady diet of candy, cookies and soda isn’t the best thing for our health, but few know just how dangerous these products can be. Physician and public health expert Dr. Dean Schillinger has witnessed the “absolute explosion” of Type 2 Diabetes in America. Dr. Schillinger is founder of the University of California San Francisco Center for Vulnerable Populations, Professor of Medicine in Residence at UCSF and was featured in the PBS documentary on diabetes, “Blood Sugar Rising.” He believes that sweeping legislative and societal changes are necessary to reverse the ravaging effects of this disease. Dr. Schillinger shares with host Alec Baldwin how corporations knowingly fuel our addiction to sugar, why the disease disproportionately affects vulnerable populations and the most important change you can make to help fight diabetes.

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