Carolyn Marks Blackwood’s Eye for Beauty

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin

Feb 20 2024 • 33 mins

Chunks of ice making a path across the surface of a river, streaks of pink and orange clouds blocked out against the sky, trees framing a darkened road as if in a ghost story…in the hands of photographer Carolyn Marks Blackwood, nature becomes an abstract work of art. New York’s Hudson Valley is Blackwood’s backyard and her inspiration, where she captures the micro and macro moments of nature’s constant changes – and the details we so often miss. Blackwood is also a screenwriter and producer, bringing to life films like “Philomena” and “The Duchess.” She speaks with host Alec Baldwin about how photography is an act of “flying by the seat of my pants,” about her time as a jazz singer in New York City, and how she found her way to her many artistic pursuits.

Carolyn Marks Blackwood’s work can be found here.

The James Paul Cheung scarves made from Blackwood’s photographs can be found here.

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