#58: Craig Ross—Teams That Do Big Things Take These 7 Steps

Business Made Simple Podcast

21-08-2017 • 38 mins

Do you and your team members suffer from DSD — Distracted, Stressed, and Disconnected?

Sure, you believe in what your team is doing. And you believe in the people on your team. But it feels like no matter how hard you all work, the results keep eluding you.

Worse, you go home exhausted and give your family the only thing you’ve got … leftovers. You’d love to find a way to turn your team around, but how?

On the podcast this week, Donald Miller interviews Craig Ross, one of the authors of Do Big Things: The Simple Steps Teams Can Take to Mobilize Hearts and Minds, and Make an Epic Impact.

Craig is wanting teams to get big results without losing their souls. He’ll take you through 7 essential steps teams must execute to do extraordinary things while making DSD a thing of the past. When your team has heart, you’ll not only get the job done, you’ll become legendary within your company and your family.


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