5 Tips for Creating a Culture of Wellness in the Workplace

Planners on Purpose Podcast

Dec 6 2023 • 11 mins

There are many efforts out in the workforce being done to help support employees overall well-being. In order for you to know what matters we are unpacking the five essentials of well-being in the workplace in this episode.

You're well-being, matters and recognizing what these workplace essentials are will also help you to understand if you can champion for change in an effort to help support everyone's work well-being in your workplace.

If you are a business, owner, or human resource, professional, this episode would help you become aware of what some of the fundamentals are, and perhaps spearhead ideas for you to make sure your culture thrives.

The 5 areas of wellness workplace essentials are:

  • protection from harm
  • connection and community
  • work-life harmony
  • mattering at work
  • opportunity for growth

It's important to be reminded that our health matters, our mental health matters, and well-being matters.

Links and Resources
American Psychological Association Study

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