Let's Get RICH WITH PATTU! - In Tamil

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THE POPULAR podcast Let's Get RICH With PATTU! is now in Tamil!

Everyone CAN grow their wealth!

Undoing years of neglect on money and wealth in the Indian education system, Pattu helps you think about money whether you're in your teens, in your twenties, or even planning for retirement.

Pattu wants you to enjoy most of your money today, and then shows you ways to ensure that the party never stops!

Pattu is fun, approachable, and wears thick gold chains and bling sunglasses as he goes through his day teaching physics and also improving lives through https://freefincal.com/

You can be part of this show too! Follow https://www.instagram.com/ofspin_mediafriends and send in your questions! Let us know if you'd like to be on the show and get your money matters improved by Pattu.

Featuring M. Pattabiraman (Pattu)

Hosted by Deepika Arun

Produced and distributed by OfSpin Media Friends

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